Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kambri's Scheduling

Kambri is kind of hard to get moving in the mornings.  So this is our conversation that we had one morning last week.

Me: It's time to get up for school Kambri.
(After stretching and rolling around a bit...)
Kambri: Just a minute, let me check my schedule. (She then goes under her covers.)
Me: You've got to get to school and you have dance today.
Kambri: I think my schedule just opened up.

She totally kills me sometimes with the grown up conversations we have, she seems years ahead of herself!  Oh, how I wish time would stand still sometimes, they all grow so fast!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's official- he's a licensed driver!

It's been kind of an interesting process with how they go about the permit and license rules now as compared to when Shaun & I turned 16.  He's had his permit since July and it only allowed for a parent and immediate family to be in the car.  Then on top of that, he had to have possession of a permit for a full 6 months before he could get his actual license.
Here he is with his temporary license!  He's ready and rearing to drive by himself!  So the first time he took off out of the driveway to go to a friends by himself I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack.  We watched him until we could no longer see the tail lights.  I was the overprotective mom who made him check in everytime he got from one place to another so I knew he was safe.  He really appreciated that! :)  It seriously took me like a week before I could relax a little about him driving without one of us. 
We've basically given him the 2001 Oldsmobile Alero.  We bought a Honda Pilot a few weeks before he got his license.  He's been driving him and Hollie to school most days since then!  Now he's on the search for a job though as he sees that gas and insurance are going to cost some money! 

And the official license arrived in the mail...

Clear the roads Brigham City and make room for Taylor Bess!

How is it possible?! Taylor is 16!

We officially have a 16 year old & a licensed driver in our house now!  This seems so surreal.  I'm not quite sure how it happened that Taylor can possibly be 16, but alas, he is!

He chose Chinese for dinner and his girlfriend, Emilee, ate with us and spent the evening with the family! Among the many presents he received, we gave him a 'Do's and Don'ts of Dating' book.  As you can see in this first picture, he's pretty excited about that! :)

I decided it'd be a good idea for all the adults to give him a piece of advice for dating/being a more able teenager.  Things ranged from: date lots of girls so you can find the right one to marry, remember that your parents love you and want to be your friend- they do have some wisdom they can share with you, be respectful to all the girls, etc.  We did video most of his advice it which will be fun for him to look back on. 

Poor Emilee to have to sit through all of this.  But she was a great sport about it.  Throughout this little shenanigan there were 2 red faces though! :)

And his list of 16 things!!
1.  He is pretty smitten by Emilee!
2.  He has been learning to play the guitar and is really quite good at it.  It's fun to listen to him play and sing at the same time.
3.  He loves to sing and to belt it out when no one is looking.
4.  He is taking German this year and likes to talk to us like we have a clue what he's talking about.
5.  He is a wealth of knowledge.  He seriously knows something about everything.  He never ceases to amaze me.
6.  His cell phone is his most coveted possession.
7.  He has a lot of allergies and he's doing the allergy shot therapy once a week.  :(
8.  He has started coming upstairs out of his 'apartment' a bit more and we love it!
9.  He loves to continually point out that he's taller than me, which we all know isn't that hard to beat!
10.  He isn't picky about too many things like a lot of teenagers.  He's pretty easy going that way.
11.  He is involved in a lot of different clubs at school.  WDIR (We do it Right), German Club, FBLA and FFA.  I love that he's involved in a variety of things.
12.  We had a really hard time getting him motivated to study to get his Driving Learner's Permit, but once he had that in his hand, he wanted to drive ALL the time.
13.  He has a good head on his shoulders.  He has good friends, a cute girlfriend, gets good grades, and is an all around good kid.  He's always been a relatively easy kid for us.  We're lucky!
14.  He's a very loyal friend.  I've seen it time and time again- anyone is lucky to have him as a friend.
15.  He doesn't always love to help me around the house, but he is quite helpful if I ask something of him.
16.  He is turning into such the young man.  Like a normal teenager he values his sleep (during the day), stays up late, loves spending any chance he gets with Emilee, and still gets annoyed by his sisters!  We're loving our typical but unique Taylor!

Jordan World Circus

Here's a little secret.  Sometimes most of the time we're not all that exciting of a family.  We don't seem to make time for the fun things in life that create memories, but we've really been trying harder to do that as a family.  We decided the circus would be a fun place to start, as Shaun is the only one of us who had ever been. 
We had a great time and will definitely do it again!  It was well worth the money.  Plus we got to finish up the evening with dinner at our favorite place, Bella's! Yum!

The kids enjoyed watching the elephant rides and pony rides.  But no way were they doing the elephant ride. 

And we were lucky enough to get up right close and personal to the lion and tiger cages before we were told they don't like you up that close to them. 

It was nice to spend time with the family and do something fun!  Memories in the making....

Our 3 children complete our Eternal Family

This was another one of those moments that I'd played out in my head SO many times over the years. Envisioning our 3 children all dressed in white being brought into the sealing room has always been such an overwhelming feeling and I've always known I'd be a blubbering mess.  And what I'd envisioned was even more beautiful in reality.

It was absolutely silent as we were waiting those final minutes before the kids were brought in and then I heard the turning of the door knob and again my heart skipped a beat or two. They were beautiful!  So angelic looking and to see their first look as they walked in the door and took everything in was breathtaking, and again a very spiritual/emotional moment.  I lost it.  The kids walked over to Shaun and I and gave us each a big hug and then sat down next to us.  I could sense their feelings of awe, nervousness and an overwhelming flow of emotions, and peace.  
The sealer asked that Shaun and I, Taylor, Hollie & Kambri kneel around the altar at that time.  I had a continual flow of tears that I finally gave up trying to stop as I looked back and forth at each of the kids and Shaun!  I have never had a more spiritual/ emotional experience than this! At so many different times it all seemed so surreal.  I'd always known this was my ultimate goal in life and wanted to have this more than anything in the world, but certainly lacked the faith that this dream would come true!  I was still very aware of the fact that there were so many in the room, but yet it felt like in that moment it was just us!  Taylor was absolutely beaming, I could sense so much that I hadn't expected to see in him.  Hollie's reaction was just as I had expected.  I could see her taking every last detail in and knew there were so many things she was thinking and feeling that we would talk about later.  Kambri just had a look of such contentment and happiness.  I took a mental picture of us around the altar, with our hands all linked together, that I hope will never grow dim. Such simple words were spoken but such profound eternal blessings promised with our faithfulness.  
Then the sealer had us all stand and look into the mirrors together and told us to imagine the generations before us, our posterity, and the eternal life that we can share with them. To think of all of our loved ones who have passed away that were there with us that day.  At that very moment I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that we had many deceased love ones there with us.  I very strongly felt Michelle, Grandpa Hansen, Grandma Parrish & Shaun's Grandma Bennett at that time.

I know the temple has been such a blessing in adding to each of my children’s testimonies.  Looking into the eyes of each one of them as we were kneeling at the altar…I KNOW they felt things that they couldn’t put words to and that they will never forget those feelings and the experience.  Hollie came home and later that night wrote in her new journal about her experience; 5 pages later and she had strengthened my testimony through hers.

How wonderful it is to know that we are an Eternal Family and can be together throughout Eternity!  It is worth every sacrifice and obstacle that had to be overcome to get there!    

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